紋切り型なスローガンの代わりに、個々人の想像力を解き放つきっかけを掴む事を目指す。情報を探し出し、信憑性を検証し、自立した考えのもとに判断する能力、つまりリテラシーを上げる事で今後の知的体力の強化を目指すアプローチを行う。 脳と身体で考える空間を作り出した。



ニューヨーク生まれのジャーナリスト、ミュージシャン。 東京大学中退後ハーバード大学に入学、電子音楽を専攻し現代音楽を学ぶ。 J-wave「Across The View」,「EarlyMorleyBird」,TOKYO MX-TV「ゴールデンアワー」など様々なメディアにて独自の世界を展開。

[会期]2011年7月12日 [会場]代官山スペースM


‘GROOVE JAPAN ’ Tokyo Chapter

The second event of talk series to discuss how Japanese should set perspectives for the future after experiencing the Great East Japan Earthquake. Having Morley Robertson invited, the Northern East Japan tour project called ‘GROOVE JAPAN ’ took place in Tokyo to provide mental encouragement to the locals.

Instead of upholding a stereotypical slogan, the event aimed to help find one’s incentives to open up individual potential imaginations for actions to take. Searching for the information, validating the credibility, and critical thinking under the independent logic, and enhancing so-called ‘literacy’ enabled to strengthen the power of intelligence. The event was not only the approach for it, but also to provide the opportunity to use one’s brain and the body for the brainstorming.

Guest: Mr. Morley Robertson Hosting his own shows in ‘Across the View’ and ‘Early Morley Bird’ at J-WAVE, and ‘Golden Hour’ at TOKYO MX, and disputed his own distinctive opinions. Born in NYC. A journalist and musician. Studied contemporary music majoring in the electrical music at Harvard University after leaving Tokyo University.

[period]07/07/2011 [site]Space M, Daikanyama