Cultivate Tour

Cultivate Tour


[会期]2011年8月26〜28日 [会場]長野県の山奥 [協力]上伊那猟友会


Cultivate Tour A tour was conducted in order to re-seek the life and death that were fundamental condition for any living creatures from the aspect of food. The goal of the tour was to conduct ‘Cultivation’ for an opportunity to reconsider the basis of culture formation through the procedure that was the act necessary for one’s life sustenance – to end something else’s life. Putting oneself into the scenes involving the event gave the raw sensory experience, not only the mere information someone else reported.

[period]08/26/2011 – 08/28/2011 [site] Deep in a mountain, Nagano [support]The Hunters Committee of Kami-Ina

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