‘Swimming the borders’


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ART TRACE Gallery 2015 GROUP SHOWS Vol.1

‘Swimming the borders’

Friday,March 20 ,2015 -Tuesday,March 31   12:00-19:00


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Tsubasa Ohta , Tesshin Iino , Nelo Akamatsu , Tatsuya Mukaiyama , Yoshimi takata

[Exhibition statement] Swimming the Borders This exhibition shows five interpretations of ‘borders’ coming together in one place. It presents a locus of borders gently pushing against one another, piling on top of one another, and crossing paths with one another. We each chose different ‘borders’ to take into consideration, with a shared interest in addressing the unexplored territory along the borderline itself: neither on ‘this side’ nor ‘that side’ of what they demarcate. We wish you a pleasant swim in the full breadth of the borders we present.   [CV]   TSUBASA OHTAP1010542-復元 MAJOR EXHIBITION 2005: “2 made at Koshikijima”: Koshikijima (group exhibition) 2005: “MANAGURA”: (solo exhibition) in Tokyo University of Art and Design 2007: “superman”: masuii R.D.R gallery (solo exhibition) 2009: “near future”: masuii R.D.R gallery (group exhibition) 2010: “abandoned”: Setagaya manufacturing school (group exhibition) 2011: “MEATPIA”: ArtTrace Gallery (solo exhibition) 2011: “frustration Vol.0.1”: Nishi-ogikubo rock dining room (group exhibition) 2013: “Excreation”: ArtTrace Gallery (solo exhibition) 2014: “Hyakurou Murasaki memorial hall and completion commemoration display” (group exhibition)         TESSION IINOeach-life-each-en 8 BIOGRAPHY 2006 Kanazawa College of Art BFA 2008 Kanazawa College of Art MFA MAJOR EXHIBITION 2009 2nd art_icle award 2009 in Asia  DESIGN FESTA GALLERY (Harajuku) Kum Sun Gallery (Seoul) Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Beijing) 2012 new generation Exhibition 2012 minimum Museum of Contemporary Art (Gifu) 2013 ART NAGOYA (from GalleryTEN) NAKANOJO Biennale 2013 Nakanojo (Gunma) TRANS ARTS TOKYO (Tokyo) 2014 “Fantasy Quest” Art Trace Gallery (Ryogoku) FARMART AKITEN (Hachioji) AWARDS 2nd art_icle award 2009 audience award 2009 New generation Exhibition 2012 Excellence Award 2012 Contemporary Art Web iinotesshin.jp/     NELO AKAMATSUShitomiAkamatsu BIOGRAPHY 2005     Achieved MFA, Department Inter Media Art, Tokyo National University of the Art 2003     Graduated Musashino Art University MAJOR EXHIBITION and PRIZE 2014     Taro Okamoto Memorial Award of Contemporary Art 2013     Solo Exhibition – Magnetica Animata/Kanagawa Art Exhibition 2012     Solo Exhibition – Lost in Cloud 2011    Kanagawa Art Exhibition 2010    Kanagawa Art Exhibition 2009     Solo Exhibition – Embassy of Italy in Tokyo 2008     Yokohama BankArt 2007     Yokohama ZAIM 2004     Taro Okamoto Memorial Award of Contemporary Art – Prize Tokyo Zokei University Museum ADAA – Prize 2003     Green Space 2 = Tokyo National University of the Art + Bauhaus University Weimar     TATSUYA MUKAIYAMAムカイヤマ達也の作品「新世界」 2007 – present   self‐education <SELECTED EXHIBITIONS> 2007 ‘Kotatsu addiction’,Upstairs gallery,(Tokyo) 2008 ‘Light and You on Canvas’ , Art Complex Center of Tokyo ,(Tokyo) 2008 ‘Tokyo contemporary art fair’ , Tobi art forum ,(Tokyo) 2009 ‘Dear the world hole(hall)’ , Bunkyo Art,(Tokyo) 2009  ‘Art fair Tokyo 2009′ , Tokyo international forum,(Tokyo) 2012  ‘Tokyo wonder wall exhibition2012′ , Museum of contemporary of Tokyo,(Tokyo) 2013  ‘3rd D-Art biennial exhibition’ , Daitec Sakae building,(Aichi) 2013  ‘Sompo Japan Art award exhibition 2013′ , Sompo Japan Museum of Art ,(Tokyo) 2014  ‘Anti-War : Resistance against the Anticipated War’ , SNOW Contemporary,(Tokyo) 2015  ‘ART BATTLE ROYALEⅡ’ , namGallery,(Tokyo) < AWARDS> 2009  Tokyo wonder wall 2009 2010  Tokyo wonder wall 2010 2012  Tokyo wonder wall 2012 2013  D Art Biennale 3rd 2013  Sompo Japan Art award 2013 web mukaiyama.pw/     YOSHIMI TAKATADSC08923_minimized BIOGRAPHY 1998-2001 University of Arts, London 2012  BA in Art History,  Sophia University, Tokyo MAJOR EXHIBITION 2014 ‘SHRED PAINTING’ , Art Trace Gallery, Tokyo